About Jacquelyn Van Sant

Jacquelyn Van Sant founded Waymarks Web Solutions in 2018. With a B.S. in web design and development and over 20 years developing web applications, Jacquelyn has worked on a wide range of projects for military, small business, academia, and nonprofit.

From a self-taught high school coder to a full-time Drupal developer at one of the largest universities in America, Jacquelyn has worked in frontend design, backend development, content management, copywriting, social media, and project management.

By leveraging her wide range of real-world experience, Jacquelyn is a web consultant, strategist, and developer. She enjoys learning the needs of her clients and creating customized solutions.

When she is not working, Jacquelyn Van Sant can be found blogging, chasing after three active little boys, or relaxing in nature with her husband.