About Waymarks

Waymarks Web Solutions, LLC, is intended to be a guide for small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and religious organizations who feel lost with their current website and desire to improve their online presence. I believe that websites should be empowering, accessible, and affordable.

Are you feeling lost or abandoned? Your website and online presence should contribute to your business. My web consulting services are customized to your unique needs to further your reach and help you meet your business goals.

When possible, I also strongly encourage web independence. Web independence is freedom from depending on an outside web designer or developer to update and maintain your website. Web independence may take a little time to achieve but will save you in money and headaches in the long run.

Do you desire web independence? I encouragement everyone, from small business owner to hobbyist, to have a certain level of web independence.

Waymarks is a home-based business located in Chandler, Arizona, United States. Though willing to provide services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits from all over the world, local clientele will be given priority.

About Jacquelyn Van Sant

I have been building websites most of my life. My first was a hobby when I was just a curious fourteen-year-old with little to do over summer vacation. Way back then, I taught myself how to code from basic tutorials and loved it. In 2007, I transitioned my hobby into a career when I began working as a professional web designer and developer. Since then I have worked for or with government entities, a state-run university, private k-8 academy, musicians, non-profits, ministries, small businesses, start-ups, medical offices, consultants, and more.

Over time I shifted from design to front-end development. I have years of experience working with popular content management systems, such as Drupal and WordPress. I have worked side-by-side with graphic designers, content managers and editors, and fellow developers to complete a wide variety of small, medium, and large projects.

In addition to web development, I have worked as a tutor for middle school, high school, and college students. This one-on-one interaction has allowed me to better understand people, specifically how we learn best, and the importance of translating often confusing web jargon for the non-techie person.

By leveraging my wide range of real-world experience, I’m now a web consultant and developer. I particularly enjoy helping people help themselves. That is why Waymarks Web Solutions is focused on helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and religious organizations navigate web development, improve existing websites, and educate for web independence.

When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking, camping, blogging, and spending time with my husband and our two boys.