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Interactive Content Examples

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Examples of interactive content like course presentations, memory games, flashcards, and more!

Waymarks can help you create custom and engaging interactive content using H5P tools, which integrates seamlessly into your WordPress or Drupal site. These features are responsive and mobile friendly, which means that your users will enjoy the same experience on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Here are a few examples of interactive content.   Games There is a number of…

Do It Yourself Sites

Web Host Providers

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A web host provider offers storage, software, connectivity, and other services necessary to “host” or maintain a website. If you are looking for a web host provider for a new website or to move an existing site, here are my top recommendations. If you are on a tight or non-existent budget, you may want to consider doing-it-yourself with a website builder instead. A website builder is a service that provides fast and simple ways to build websites, usually using drag-and-drop features.