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Interactive Content Examples

Examples of interactive content like course presentations, memory games, flashcards, and more!

Waymarks can help you create custom and engaging interactive content using H5P tools, which integrates seamlessly into your WordPress or Drupal site. These features are responsive and mobile friendly, which means that your users will enjoy the same experience on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Here are a few examples of interactive content.



There is a number of game-style interactive content that can be created using H5P software. One of my favorites is the Memory Game. Here is an example of a memory game using 3 “card” images and a customized “card back” image.



If you would like to create an engagement quiz for educational purposes or for fun, there are many different customization options available. Here is an example of the Flashcard style using images and fill-in-answers.



Image Hotspots


List of interactive content

Below is a list of the type of interactive content Waymarks can create:

  • Arithmetic quiz
  • Chart
  • Collage
  • Course presentation
  • Dialog cards
  • Documentation tool
  • Drag and drop
  • Drag the words
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Find multiple hotspots
  • Find the hotspot
  • Flashcards
  • Guess the answer
  • Image juxtaposition
  • Image pairing
  • Image sequencing
  • Image slider
  • Interactive video
  • Mark the words
  • Memory game
  • Multiple choice
  • Personality quiz
  • Questionnaire
  • Quiz (question set)
  • Single choice set
  • Speak the words
  • Summary
  • Timeline

Images: Pixabay

Are you considering interactive web experiences on your website for training, education, or fun? I can help.

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